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A little bit about Jayne...

We are based in the Forest of Dean and offer a range of services to support you and your dog training and behavioural needs.


Society today puts a huge expectation on our dogs and their owners, and this can affect the way we interact with our dogs. At Bone Zone we are dedicated to offering support and training with the emphasis on positive training and making it fun for both owner and dog.



Jayne has studied canine psychology and works with a local dog behaviourist, where we see a gamut of breeds and problems.  



Jayne (Bsc Hons) has many years of experience in dog training and has attended many behaviour courses including: Shelia Harper APBC courses, Animal Care College and Canine Emergency First Response.

Jayne works with Behavioural Referrals veterinary practice as a  Rehabilitation Trainer. As well as being responsible for the training at the Forest of Dean Dog Training Club which runs the Good Citizen scheme. Jayne also runs other activities which includes,  1:1 Behavioural work, Dog Walking, Fun Days, Obedience Classes, Agility and Fly ball.

Jayne has over 30 years experience training dogs, when she first started to work with her first German Shepherds Dog (GSD), Jayne has a GSD  named Arthur, two rescue Collies Willow and Molly. Both Molly and Willows original owners found them ‘challenging’ but both dogs are now doing really well.  Poppy who is a Labrador x Collie and the newest member of the family Jonty a West Highland White who was rescued from a puppy farm.  

About us...